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She's Got a Business Success Stories

We are preparing more interviews, videos and events with amazing female entrepreneurs, who know what it takes to find inspiration and courage to start their own business. We want these stories to empower and motivate you to make this step forward! And of course, we are here to provide you with necessary knowledge and support.


Do you have a soft spot for all things artsy, custom-made and maybe jewellery?

Do you want to know how one awesome mum started and grew her Hong Kong-based jewellery business? 

Or do you want some practical advice and some inspiration to start and grow your business? 

Then read this interview with Niyati from Niya K about starting and running a jewelry business. Niyati, a mother of two, shared her expertise and practical advice, what challenges she faced and how she is overcoming them! 


What is your passion? Can you have it all?

Read this interview if you are curious about how she did it!

The answers are here!




Sustainable is the new fashion. Our actions influence our future and we cannot turn a blind eye on our social impact anymore.
This is precisely the reason why Alexandra found her fashion brand: she had a strong belief in her capacity to create a positive impact on the industry she loves.

If you are interested in changing for the best a field, you are passionate about while making a living of it, but also learning about facing difficulties with confidence and foresight, read this inspiring story.


Ever wondered what it takes to build a new business at a new place… and how to never ever give up!

Read this interview to learn how Amelie Dionne-Charest started and grew her businesses, what she learned while building her healthcare empire and how she got rid of a real obstacle to success -“perfectionism”.  

An absolute must read if you need some determination to grow your business, or you are in the healthcare business.

Curious? So wait no longer!



A story about making success happen.
Read this interview if you are into photography and want to do it professionally. Or you are young, curious and ambitious and want to get inspired to start your business. Or simply if you have a hobby and want to start making money out of it.
Aanchal honestly shares how she managed to build a production company and a fashion academy by the age of 25 without any funds, experience or much support. An impressive story about a life-changing persistence full of practical advice and insides about how to make it happen in the fashion industry. Sounds interesting, isn't it?



A story about a passion for fashion.
Read this interview if you are into fashion and wish to make it your career or business one day. Or if you believe that you might not know exactly, what your business will evolve into 3 years from the beginning. Olivia co-founded an online second-hand shop with an idea of promotion conscious lifestyle, but little did she know that in several years she would become an editor of a fashion magazine! A story about your dreams finding you, about working with your best friend, about juggling family and your calling and many many more takeaways. Curious?


How to make money from your hobby. Our speakers Ines Gafsi, Co - Founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, Aanchal Wadhwani, Founder of  Matryoshka Studio, Co - founder of Academy Of Design - AOD, Tatiana Kuvardina Founder of Eating Behaviour Coach shared their stories, expertise and practical advice.

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An absolutely must read interview if you are into health and wellness and would like to take it one step further! Tatiana had the idea of having an occupation where she would be helping people to improve their eating habits and health for a very long time, but simply didn’t know how to turn it into reality. From her interview you can learn how she made her dream come true, insiders information about working in health and wellness industry and how to become a coach! Curious?! So wait no longer.


After 2 successful practical events dedicated to starting and fundraising your business, we organised our first panel event with successful female entrepreneurs. They shared their experience of finding "the" idea, starting their business and challenges they had to overcome to run their business in Hong Kong. All the guests and participants left inspired, learnt something new and got connected and exchanged ideas with amazing female entrepreneurs. Want to learn more a little more about an event?! Sure, watch our video! Sponsored by Baker Tilly Hong Kong.



Read this interview if you believe in making your dreams come true. Kirsten made her dream come true by bringing other people’s stories alive. From opera and fashion she made her way into the events industry. Kirsten will tell you a story of great passion and hard work. Amazing energy is in every word! A story about how it feels when you have a right business partner and a very different perspective on work and life balance. Curious? So wait no longer


Read this interview if you are interested to learn how to start and run an on-line business and how to balance being a mom and a working business owner. Rosalie will share with you how along with a beautiful baby boy her store Milk&Honey was born, which challenges she faced and how she is overcoming them. She will share a well-kept secret, how to successfully translate your love for beautiful things into a job! So wait no longer...



Life as a juggling act and where passion for education can get you to.

Read this interview if you want to know what it takes  to start an educational business or you don't know what to do and need some inspiration. When Elisa first moved to Hong Kong she had absolutely nothing to do and for the last 7 years she has been the owner of a successful business which provides for the whole family. Curious how she did it? An answer is just here!


Interview with Carole, owner of Oulala Flower. An outstanding flower designer with an extraordinary story.

Read the most romantic and chic interview from the series. Carole comes from Paris for love, just to realise that her real love is elegant flowers! She doesn't want to conquer Macau's flower industry, but the hearts and minds of Macanese so they can share her love for stylish flower arrangements. She says, "Life is short, do what you love. If you have some dream, go! Because life it's easy!" Get inspired by this incredible women and her amazing story! 



Interview with Patti, owner of Make Studios 

User experience, which makes the world nicer.

Read such a realistic interview, that it almost feels unreal. Patti tells you "do the work" and shares how she "learned to be an entrepreneur from doing it and needing to make a living and discovered she loved it". She believes that with improving customer experience, she "makes the world nicer, more friendly and more fun". Get to know whats the deal in the Tech industry.


Interview with Oxana, owner of Cosmic Dance. A story about passion for dance.

Read an incredible story how opportunities find you when you have a passion. Learn how it feels when your business is your life. Get insider's information about running a business in the art world and limitations a niche business has. Or just relax and read a beautiful story about finding yourself in what you do.




Interview with Jumi, owner of Melomist Spa, ​Perfect Beauty Expert.

Read a very honest and detailed interview about what it takes to succeed in the beauty industry. Learn how to make your dream come true and why choosing the wrong cotton can be a deal breaker. Jumi believes service comes from your heart, but there are lots of things you can learn from her interview, both as a spa goer or owner.


Interview with Maria, owner of Aleli Jewels, Jewellery that makes you feel good.

Read an uplifting and useful interview with Maria, the owner of  a successful jewellery store, Aleli Jewels. With her business story, Maria will inspire you to start creating one of your own! But what makes this interview a real gem is all the practical advice and real life experience Maria shares with you, to make your jewellery or any other retail business a success.


Want to join our growing list of successful projects and satisfied clients?




A story about following your passion, having the courage to take a leap for a new ... sexy career!
Read this interview if you need some inspiration, an example that anything can happen when you follow your gut. Discover how Natasha Lee turned her passion into a successful business by adding some excitement to people’s lives. From this interview, you will learn inside out about starting and running your business in fashion, lingerie and “adult industry” and get to know differences between working in Hong Kong and LA (USA) and many other interesting tips.

What does it take to succeed in the fantasy lingerie industry? Curious? The answer is just here!

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