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How to start a profitable business 101 

This webinar is designed for individuals who are willing to become entrepreneurs or start growing their businesses.

Learn an actionable step-by-step guide on what to do when you want to validate a business idea or start growing your business.

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Get an Access to this Free Webinar!

This is for you if you are planning to move and work freelance in Singapore. Learn about Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability and LOC.


Allow me to guide and support you.

Get guidance to better understand how businesses operate and how to find your first customers. You could be missing out on important business, marketing, and sales knowledge and strategies that could help you start living your awesome life while building a profitable and thriving business.


Private consultation is designed to assist YOU to resolve a very particular problem.
The main goal of the consultation will be defined prior to the consultation.


We work with YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS! Ask us what you need and we will tailor-made your consultation!

Focus Areas:


- Business Strategy
- Business Development
- Marketing
- Digital Marketing
- Social Media Management
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Search Engine Marketing
- Google Ads

Whatever is not working in your business or has to be improved , we will discover solutions
which work during the consultation.

Set goals and we will review the strategy to reach them! For example :
- Increased leads
- Better clients
- More Post likes
- Sales

We create tailor-made framework for your consultation

What my Clients say

"Constant guidance from Kristina has helped me to think outside the box and build a strong foundation of what I’m really passionate about doing. I would recommend Kristina’s consultation for anyone who is, like me, looking to refocus on their business models."



"It was definitely one of the best and most important decisions I've made in my life, trusting Kristina and her experience and opening my own theatre company."

- Kristina Pakhomova

"I think the first consultation is great! I love that you started with my weakest point, which needs immediate rectification and is likely to take longer to make a change. And the concepts that you have said that I should remember forever, I think they will definitely be useful to my business. The way that you throw me a lot of questions, tho it's difficult but it's very intuitive and showed my weak points. Overall I love the 1st consultation!"

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