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is an online step-by-step program with smart videos and actionable tasks all designed to help you to create a lifestyle business from scratch! Use your gifts, talents and wisdom along with the experience of international guru’s to get the business you dream about. 


The Start Your Business Strong Online Program is a FAST TRACK TICKET TO YOUR NEW LIFE!

"It was definitely one of the best and most important decisions I’ve made in my life, trusting Kristina and her experience and open my own theatre company."

Kristina Pakhomova used Start Your Business Strong Program “ when starting her theatre company

Kristina She's Got A Business

Start Your Business Strong is your fast track ticket to your new life. Happier, richer, more flexible and fun. 


And yes, Start Your Business Strong is now available as an online course! At the fraction of the cost of the private consultations! 


Start Your Business Strong The course consists of 12 videos full of useful content, around 30-45 minutes each and 12 large actionable tasks. Each will take you 2-6  hours to complete, depending on the stage of your business idea, its complexity and personal preferences. Videos get released one by one to allow you to focus and not get overwhelmed. It’s time to take action, my friend. What are you waiting for?


Start Your Business Strong helps female entrepreneurs to lay strong foundations for their business. The feedback and results have been fantastic, increased sales, new revenue channels, increased satisfaction of running business, business development and marketing clarity! 

Do you want to have a freedom and flexibility to see your kids growing, versus spending all your days in the office?  Or maybe you need a little more time to enjoy life or learn a new skill? Are you passionate about running, hiking, or maybe dancing? How often do you get to do, what you really love? Or maybe you have a passion you want to grow into a profit making business? 


For me it was always about traveling and discovering the world. But after my kids were born, I realised there is no way I am going back to the office to make someone else more rich, while a nanny is seeing my kids walk and talk. Though not working at all, was a huge waste of two masters degrees, one in law and another one in international economics, and all the thing’s I learned and experiences I had. There was no way, I was not working. I had to find or to create my own way! 


To do what you want, when you want it, you need money, I thought! Not a huge discovery, right? 


So in 2014 I started working on my own terms, helping individuals to learn what I had learnt from my career and degrees and numerous numerous courses , to create successful businesses which will give them freedom and money and the life they truly want. One person at a time. Now it’s time to help more people to live the life they want and deserve and we are launching an online course! Yahoo! 


All we learned, all we tried and tested, all that worked for our clients from all over the world, we put everything in one program - Start Your Business Strong

"Constant guidance from Kristina has helped me to think outside the box and build a strong foundation of what I’m really passionate about doing. I would recommend Kristina’s consultation for anyone whois, like me, looking to refocus on their business models. "

Start Your Business Strong content: 


1. Psychology of money and success. The stories we tell ourselves and how to change our stories.

2. How to find the perfect business idea. Not all which shines is gold. 

3. Business idea evaluation. Market size. Competition and all that jazz 

4. Business goals setting, numbers and frameworks. The road to success is through accounting. 

5. No customers, no business. Your People, and where to find them and why they would love you. 

6. Your Products and Your services. 

7. Business Model, profit stream + revenue sources 

8. Creating your unshakable brand. Unique Selling Points  = unique brand. 

9. All the truth about pricing. You will be shocked! 

10. Market like a pro. Marketing platforms 

11. Marketing and communication strategy. 

12. Marketing and business strategy. Don’t be like Alice! 

Who this course is for?

- Someone who is at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey and who with some help could avoid costly mistakes and save time on the way to their goals. 

- Or someone whose business is not preforming as expected. 




I’ve always thought that in order to open my own business I had to be rich, way more experience, have a degree in finances and be in my 40s or 50s. I was convinced that the process of opening a business is a very complicated and expensive process. Plus I didn’t have any creative team or a business partner to share my concerns. I was a 26 years old freelance actress and creative producer with a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my company in the future. As any creative person I knew nothing about business models and I had absolutely no clue how to make my potential theatre company profitable. “I am not a business person, I am an actress” I was telling myself. And that’s when Kristina came to my life. Over a casual coffee conversion She managed to convinced me that I can open my company painlessly, quickly and efficiently.

And more importantly she convinced me that I JUST HAD TO DO IT because the world needed to see and hear what I have to say! And she was right. She made the process super easy, fun and straightforward, by asking me the right questions and pointing me into the right direction. She helped me to shape my vague ideas into a much more elaborate and beautiful business model. She also showed me how I can make money out of my creativity. It was definitely one of the best and most important decisions I’ve made in my life, trusting Kristina and her experience and open my own theatre company.


Super grateful.



Kristina is your girl, if you have a business dream or a business goal to achieve and need some guidance on your way. 


Managing Director and Founder of She’s Got a Business marketing agency and community that helps female-led SME’s to start and grow. Kristina is obsessed with making YOUR business goals come true.


For the clients Kristina is more than a business consultant, she is a strategist, project manager, interviewer, content creator, coach and often a motivational speaker. 

Since 2014 Kristina and She’s Got a Business has touched lives and businesses of over 100 female entrepreneurs.


Kristina creates INNOVATIVE & TAILOR-MADE marketing strategies and campaigns for living. 


Working with diverse portfolio of clients across industries, she realised that there are essential step, a system if you wish, which makes or brakes business success. From their Kristina started consulting individual clients on how to successfully start or grow their business. 


Signature Start Your Business Strong provides you with a system to build a successful business on your terms from with a first trial! No common mistakes, no learning the hard way. Just tried and tested systems to see you through. 


Enthusiastic dreamer, all around go-getter and contagiously energetic & positive she is on the mission to help women be happy, create a life they while building successful business. 


But it’s not all dreams , clouds and unicorns. Kristina has behind her belt over a decade worth of global corporate experience, two Master’s Degrees in both Law and International Economics, courses from leading business and self- developmental guru’s. As well as the 'University of Life' from living in 5 different countries in the previous years.


Kristina uses her skills and networks to get female businesses going, while being hands on mother to terrific twin boys, who managed to travel to 11 counties in their 4.5 years. 

Kristina has a Master’s Degree in Law and started her corporate career in 2007, she also pursued a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. In 2013, she moved to Hong Kong and she became a mother to gorgeous twin boys. She discovered her passion – working with people, helping them to improve their lives and business. Today, Kristina coaches entrepreneurs to start and develop a successful business.


Being a mother, global citizen and a big believer in human potential Kristina feels strongly about topics related to education , adoption, refuges, environment and specially-abled. Part of proceeds from Start Your Business Strong program goes to pay education and essential expenses for under-privileged girls in India to allow them to go to school, how they deserve. 

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