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Start & launch your business that you've always dreamed of!

Turn Your 2024 Business Dreams into Reality: Start Strong and
Build a Thriving Business in Just 12 Weeks!


Join our proven to work “Start Your Business Strong” program that has helped hundreds of aspiring women become successful business owners!

After Just 12 Weeks with Us, You Will:

  • ✅ Make Money Doing What You Love: Turn your skills and passions into a business that makes money and feels right.

  • ✅ Get Clients, Stress-Free: Learn easy ways to find and keep clients who love what you do.

  • ✅ Skip Common Mistakes: Use smart, simple strategies that help you avoid common business pitfalls and keep you successful for years to come.

  • ✅ Always Have Help: Join a friendly group of women just like you, plus get answers from our expert team whenever you hit a snag or have questions.

  • ✅ Build a Business That Lasts: Set up your business in a way that keeps it growing and thriving, now and in the future.

Don’t let another year pass by watching others succeed. Your profitable business journey is just a click away! Secure your spot in our exclusive 12-week program and turn your passions into profits now!

"I'm Ready to Start a Business, But..."

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  • "Where Do I Even Begin?"

  • "I Don’t Have a Solid Business Idea..."

  • "There’s No Audience Waiting for Me..."

  • "I’ve Never Had a Business Before..."

  • "What If I End Up Failing?"

If these thoughts are going through your mind, you’re far from alone! Every successful entrepreneur has been in your shoes, feeling the same fears and uncertainties at the starting line.

But Here’s the Secret: Those Fears Don’t Have to Hold You Back!

The solution? An experienced coach who’s done what you want to do before and a supportive community of women just like You who are on the same journey!


That’s Exactly Why I’m Inviting You to Join:

"Start Your Business Strong" - A 12-Week LIVE Group Coaching Program

We'll work side by side to figure out your worries, make sure your business ideas are solid, find people who want what you offer, and build your business from the ground up. We'll make sure you start off strong and keep going strong on your business adventure. Your journey to a successful business is just one click away!



  • ✅ 12-Week Program: A mix of online and offline content over 12 weeks.

  • ✅ Conference Calls: 4 personal meetings of around 120 minutes each OR 6 conference calls of around 90 minutes each.

  • ✅ Videos: 6 videos, 30-45 minutes each, which can be watched at one's own pace and are full of useful content.

  • ✅ Actionable Tasks: 6 large actionable tasks, each taking 2-6 hours to complete, depending on the stage of your business idea, its complexity, and personal preferences.

  • ✅ Support: Guidance to understand how businesses are run and how to find your first customers.


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This is for YOU if you:

  • Want to have freedom and flexibility to see your kids growing, versus spending all your days in the office.

  • Are dreaming of having control over your own time & deciding what you want to do with it. 

  • Have a passion you want to grow into a profit-making business.

  • Are willing to put in the work and the hours to start a sustainable business from ground up.

  • You KNOW you want a business but are not 100% sure which one yet.


  • Are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey and want to avoid costly mistakes and save time on the way to your goals.

  • Have a business not performing as expected.

However, if you’re looking for  A magic pill to turn you into a million-dollar business owner, then this program is NOT for you.

Hi, I'm Kristina, the proud Founder and Managing Director of "She’s Got a Business." 


Since 2014, I've had the privilege of empowering over 100 female entrepreneurs, providing them with innovative and tailor-made marketing strategies. My diverse portfolio across various industries has taught me the essential steps to achieving business success. 

With over a decade of global corporate experience under my belt, I hold two Master’s Degrees in Law and International Economics. I’m also a mom to my two twin boys that I love spending time with and we regularly travel the world with. 


I'm deeply passionate about making a difference. That's why a portion of my program's proceeds goes towards supporting the education of underprivileged girls in India.


I'm not just a strategist; I'm a global citizen, a dedicated mother, a happy wife, and a firm believer in the potential within each of us.


In our hearts we believe that you have super powers, which you can unlock so that you can create a fulfilling life you never have to take a vacation from. 


And that’s exactly what I want to help you with!


Take the first step and invest in your business journey today!

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Here’s everything you are getting when you join us today:

🔸 Pre - recorded videos 

🔸 Groups zoom sessions

🔸 Private business coaching 

🔸 Ongoing Support 

🔸 Part 1. Mindset for success ( 3 weeks ) 

🔸Part 1. 1. The stories we tell ourselves. Our identity. 

🔸 Values & Limiting Believes (Group experience , 90 minutes) 

🔸Part 1. 2. Find your Business IKIGAI (Group experience , 90 minutes) 

🔸Confidence workshop (Group experience , 90 minutes) 

🔸Private Unlock your Super Power session ( 60 minutes) 

🔸Part 2. Business Model & Business Plan  ( 3 weeks ) 

🔸How to find your perfect business idea

🔸Your Products and Your services

🔸Ideal Customer Avatar 

🔸How to evaluate your business idea 

🔸Customer Centric Business Approach 

🔸Market research 

🔸Business goals setting  

🔸All the truth about pricing 

🔸Part 3. Marketing & Sales Strategy and Plan ( 4 weeks )

🔸Branding : Creating your unshakable brand & USP ( Unique Selling Points ) ( 2 hours) 

🔸Personal Brand 101 ( 1 hour ) 

🔸Marketing Strategy: Building digital sales process and channel 

🔸Social Media 101  - hands on strategy ( individual strategy session , where we will create your social media plan). 

🔸IG for business best practices checklist 

🔸Newsletter Marketing 101 ( Webinar ) 

🔸How to make events a part of your sales process ( Webinar ) 

PLUS if you join today, you'll also get access to these BONUSES

✅ How to use IG lives to increase your brand awareness ( 60 minutes group experience ) 

✅ Reels 101. How to create reels which reach your goals and your audience.

Make 2024 year that you took a chance on your dream & start your business journey with us today!

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It’s Not Too Late (Or Too Soon) For You to Begin!

The Start Your Business Strong Coaching Program is built to shortcut your journey & get help you plan, launch and build a sustainable business that’s fulfilling!

She's got a business 2023. All rights protected.

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