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Resources & Information to Start and Grow your Business

Resources & Information series is dedicated to helping set up a new business in Hong Kong. Here we will feature tools and advice to see your business grow, to help it grow. Read it to get information, learn about tools and services, or simply because you are curious about what is happening out there.

New In Town

New in Town series is dedicated to new business startups in Hong Kong. Here we will feature inspiring and smart ladies starting their business adventures. Read it to get inspired, learn about new goods and services, or simply because you are curious what is happening out there.

She's Got a Business Success Stories

We are preparing more interviews, videos and events with amazing female entrepreneurs, who know what it takes to find inspiration and courage to start their own business. We want these stories to empower and motivate you to make this step forward! And of course, we are here to provide you with necessary knowledge and support.

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