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Powerful tools for beginners to Start and Grow your business in Hong Kong and worldwide

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Bplans Site: What it does: Provides you with a simple, spot the template for a business plan. Why we love it: You need a business plan and with this one-page template, you have no excuse not to make one! Start with basics, details later. WIX Site: What it does: Hosts custom-made websites with ready templates. Why we love it: It is user-friendly, modern and simple which means you can learn to update it on your own! Self-dependant. Canva Site: What it does: Create simple designs your tribe loves. Why we love it: Plenty of cheerful and stylish designs to spice up your social media at no cost. Unsplash Site: What it does: Provides you with free photos. Why we love it: Efficient system to search through beautiful and modern stock photos. Grammarly Site: What it does: Corrects grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your communication.  Why we love it: Once downloaded to your computer, it works automatically and takes away your worry for typos, misspellings and such. A big No-No! Google analytics Site: What it does: Allows you to monitor and understand visitor behavior and traffic sources. Why we love it: What can be measured, can be improved. You can learn which pages and sources perform best for your webpage and identify non-working ones. Mail Chimp Site: What it does: Provides an email marketing platform Why we love it: Helps you stay in touch with existing customers and connect with potential customers. Allows you to EASILY create segmented lists, emails campaigns you can track and organize effectively. SEO SiteCheckup Site: What it does: Shows you how to improve and monitor your website's search engine rankings.  Why we love it: Easy to comprehend, offers solutions straight away. Google Ads Site: What it does: Provides you the opportunity to acquire new clients and discover which words/ phrases the world is searching for. Why we love it: Apart from paid functions, it provides an insight into what your customers are searching for, enables websites to show targeted ads, helps build brand awareness and earn more conversions. Nibbler Site: What it does: Tests your website for 10 key areas, including accessibility, SEO, social media, and technology. Why we love it: Very easy to use, simply input your web page name - you can see what works well, what doesn’t. You can fix it yourself or ask professionals for help, having exact problems identified, on hand.

Did you find it useful? Do you want to learn more? Do you need to digitally kick start your business? We have a secret list of tools to help you do so! Get in touch with us at and the list is yours for free! 

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