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An Amazing Female Community

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The Closeteur is a platform dedicated to leading a conscious lifestyle. In this era of excess consumption, fashion waste and sustainability is a very big issue. As fashion lovers, The Closeteur believe that fashion can be a powerful way for positive change. Their website and bi-monthly magazine are for men and women who are leading a fulfilling life; they enjoy dining, travelling, taking care of their health, and, also embracing practices of consciousness with their mind and body- let’s extend the conversation to include fashion and the environment.


Photography is about capturing the large and small moments in life. To capture that special beauty and look in the clients' eyes and produce images they will love now and in the future. Helmi is a contemporary European photographer based in Hong Kong specialising in portrait, events, wedding and brand photography.

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CBC Ltd is a firm of Chartered Accountants offering corporate and commercial advisory, China and international trade advisory and Australian migration services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Their services provide clients' with continuity of professional support. Even those not based in Hong Kong, CBC takes care of all financial matters.

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Business and brand success comes down to customer experience. Value is created when customers' are delighted and engaged with the brand, website or app. Girl In Tech provides UX design services that's minimalist and beautiful, with the customer in mind.

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