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Interview with Kristina Pakhomova


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Kristina Pakhomova. I’m originally from Russia. I’m an actress, theatre maker, producer, aspiring writer and the founder of KrisP. Production.


Can you tell us more about KrisP. Production?

KrisP. Production is a company that focusses on contemporary theatre. We produce original stories that are happening in the here and now. We stage it at small, unconventional places, even outdoors. Our goal is to provide an intimate and interactive space to allow people to become immersed in our shows.


Why did you decide to start KrisP. Production?

After graduating from Art University in Russia, I moved to Singapore to pursue my acting career. After finishing my studies there, I took acting courses in Italy.  I dreamt of one day selected for different interesting, challenging and fulfilling roles, being busy and employed full-time, being appreciated. I approached different companies, but the projects given to me didn’t fulfill my ambitions and my passion. I didn’t see potential to grow and develop as an artist.

Frustrated and disheartened, I turned to a good friend of mine who encouraged me to produce my own work. He provided me with free space and he helped me to develop my solo performance. And that’s when I knew I was in the right place. My creativity sparked, there was no stopping me now. One year later, I produced my second show. Afterward, I combined my stories and did a solo performance in Hong Kong. I was blown away by the number of people that came to watch me perform. I didn’t know anybody at the time. Yet, there were people hungry for stories, enraptured by the art form I was providing. It inspired me to do more, to go further and to be more.


So far, which production has made you the happiest? What is your favorite work to date?

Definitely, the “Dark Room”! It’s incredibly personal! I have been performing it for three years to different audiences. It is ever evolving according to the place, the time, and my experiences.


What do you want people to know about the “Dark Room"?

It’s a solo show! It is my first art baby: my debut as a Director, Producer, and Writer. It’s a story about a wife who followed her husband to Asia in the hope of a better life. She needs to be a good wife, a good daughter, a good citizen but at the same time, she has her own dreams and goals in life.


What is the best part about being an actress?

For me, it is storytelling. It is the best! One stranger sits next to another watching other strangers performing. The atmosphere and the energy are so divine, so pure. And you are involved – intensely and emotionally - but without the trauma of real life affecting you.


What is the most challenging part of being an actress?

You take on someone else’s life and you live through it. And, acting is really hard because you have to be ready for refusal and rejection.


How does that rejection feel?

Imagine when someone hits you again and again and again. Sooner or later, you either learn to stop caring; it stops hurting, or you stop going. I kept on going and I did it my way.


And how does taking control feel?

It’s amazing! You finally feel that you’re not a starving actor dependent on someone else. You take your destiny into your own hands. At the same time, it’s scary to start something new, to learn something completely new in the process and to always be out of your comfort zone.


From your point of view, what is the state of the theatre scene in Hong Kong?

There is a community of theatre-makers, passionate actors, directors, and producers. It is good that it is small because it is easy to get around, to meet people, to put the word out there about your own work.

I have observed that it is very English - traditional and classical. They like to produce work that is well known and published many years ago, such as Shakespeare and also many well-known musicals.


What do you wish to bring into Hong Kong theatre scene with your production company?

I want art to be challenging - to provoke thoughts about yourself as a human being and about the world that you live in. To provide opportunities for people to see diverse stories about modern-day people. I want to make it experimental, interesting, collaborative.

I want theatre to be affordable and accessible. For people to come dressed in their sneakers, jeans, and a T-shirt. To buy a cup of coffee outside the theatre or a glass of wine and take it inside the theatre space. To relax and engage in conversation with actors.

I want to bring something completely different - multidisciplinary. Like bringing together an actor, a dancer, a musician, a magician, and an acrobat to create an artistic experience that will touch souls, hearts, and minds of every audience.


What the future holds for KrisP. Production in 2019?

I have three plays coming up.

In February I am opening KrisP. Production with my solo performance “Dark Room”.

In March I am staging and acting in a two-actor play called “Discord of Discourse”. It will be very contemporary, very experimental.

And sometime next year I will produce “Lady Death”. This play tells the story of the legendary woman, the female Soviet Union sniper known as Lady Death. It is a story about strong women, war and sacrifice.“



Thank you for your story! What an incredible and inspirational journey. We look forward to watching your shows and we’ve no doubt you’ll capture the hearts of Hong Kong!




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